MarInstall with a MAC and a 60csx...getting error message...need help

Started by sgrogg, August 02, 2010, 05:11:43 PM

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I am able to get to the grid and select the areas I want, however, at the next step I get the following error message...............

There was a problem while installing maps on your device.  Ensure that the device is plugged in and turned on, and try again.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

Indrid Cold


Yes...and I formatted it.  It's a SanDisk, 2 Gb.

trying to install the Colorado topo.


The Data Card must be formatted as DOS FAT-32. You can do that on a Mac, but it probably isn't the default. Use Disk Tools to check the card and re-format if needed.

Aside from that, I've seen a number of similar posts about maps not working properly with MapInstall. I have always used Macs, and Apple ][ before that. Garmin gets points for offering Mac versions of their programs, but they really aren't up to the level of the Windows versions. I use Windows for all my mapping/gps stuff, it's just easier and faster.


"Data Card must be formatted as DOS FAT-32"

Yep, did that, thanks