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Need GPSr buying advise

Started by HuntGSP, July 20, 2010, 02:39:16 PM

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Have been using a 60CSx for a long time with great results. Problem: small screen. Difficult to see screen while negotiating jeep trails. Need a Garmin unit with a larger screen  that also allows downloading  tracks and routes from Map Source. The Nuvi 1450 seems to fit the bill, but I've read many reviews claiming the unit shuts down for no apparent reason. Anyone have any advise?


IMO, not a good choice for what you describe. First - none of the Garmin Nuvi series can import tracks. They record track, it can be displayed on the screen and uploaded to your computer. But you can't SEND a track to the Nuvi.

Also, the 1200/1300/1400 series makes topo maps look really ugly. The contour lines are huge and fat - fatter than roads. Makes the map hard to read. It also shows very few road names or town names. Waypoint names cannot be shown on the navigation screen either, only the icons.

Finally, it doesn't render wetland (swamp) areas properly, it shows them the same as a lake. I think the 1450 would be a good choice for somebody wanting simple auto navigation, but coming from the 60csx I don't think you'll be happy.

The Oregon is much better, but you might think the screen is too small. But it is brighter than the 60csx when connected to external power (IIRC), much higher resolution screen, and compatible with Garmin BirdsEye.

I am really liking my Nuvi 3790, especially the screen which is amazing, and I'm impressed with the way it renders maps in 3d. But I have created my own maps with a style that is optimized for the Nuvi, and I don't see others doing that yet. It has the same problem of not being able to import a track however. See this:,1330.0.html

If you want an inexpensive Nuvi, I'd look at the 2x5 series, such as 255w. They do a decent job of rendering topo maps and are frequently on sale in the ~$100 range. But again, you can't send tracks to them.


There is a difference between tracks and routes. You can take a track, in MapSource and make a route. Save it and send it back to the GPSr.

Units that accept routing from MapSource: 7xx, 5xx, 8xx, 5xxx. Zumo 4xx, 5xx.

The 2xx series doesn't do routes from MapSource.

Check out the 500. Waterproof 3.5 inch screen. You can get a cradle and power cord for the unit.