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New Etrex Vista HCX, 2008 Ca Topo --next step?

Started by Lolerie, July 24, 2010, 06:27:51 AM

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Hello,  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.   I just purchased  a new Etrex Vista HCX and have  2008 Ca TOPO software.  Per the TOPO Support group I can create maps in their software and overlay on to Garmin's maps.   Currently I do not have any Garmin maps nor have purchased a SD card.   Am I able to utilize maps from your GPSfiledepot "Ca updated and most accurate series" without any other maps on my GPS?    Thank you --------------lolerie


By "Ca Topo" do you mean "California" or "Canada"?


I'm sorry.   The software I have is the Na Geographic TOPO Outdoor Rec Software California


The National Geographic Maps are compatible with the Magellan Triton GPS. Not sure about the Outdoor Recreation products, but I have their State Series maps loaded on my Triton and they are scans of the USGS 24k paper topo maps.

For Garmin, their software should be able to send routes and waypoints that you create on your computer but not maps. You can also send data from the GPS to the software, such as  waypoints you mark in the field or a track of where you went.

But the maps must be in Garmin's proprietary .img file format and that is not supported by National Geographic. Have a look at the free maps on this site and see what you think. They will not be the same as the National Geographic maps on your computer however. There is no equivalent map for Garmin.