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World Topo - Western Map

Started by gonzalo, July 18, 2010, 04:39:55 PM

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I just download  the world topo. I cant see it. Does anybody know how to  install it or with what progrman can I see it. ?

Can I use it in the Basecamp Garmin?

Thanks for  your help   ???



which map are you considering the "world topo"?
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I search maps under chile and they where 2 maps their. One for google earth and the other one is world topo western Map. I was trying to see this one in basecamp garming software or any software that allows me to see it. But I could not do that.

Any suggestions??




Are you using a PC or a MAC?

The map comes with an installer for each.

If you are running a PC, double click the EXE file and install it.

See below for complete instructions:


Uploads of MAC versions for both east and west mapsets have been completed.