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Smokey Mountains hiking?

Started by Stormstaff, July 07, 2010, 12:21:19 PM

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I'm looking at getting a Garmin Oregon 450 soon plus we're taking a vacation that'll take us to the Pigeon Forge, Tenn area for a few days.

My son and myself want to go hiking so that we can say we hiked there, hehe.

My question is this. Does anyone have a topo/trail map of this area? I'm new to this, so please forgive me if I sound like an idiot.

Thanks in advance,


there is a very nice Tenn. topo map free to download on this site. Whether it is detailed enough trail wise only you can say. If you do find detailed trail maps they may well be transparent in nature and can be overlaid on this topo.


The road and street data comes from Census TIGER files.  There are not many trail in their database as most do not have anyone resident along them. 

The 100k transparent/overlay mapset has trails which are shown on the USGS 100k printed maps. 

The Open Street Maps available at may have the trails if someone added them to the OSM database.

Expanding on what Jimbob mentioned; try a google search for a transparent trail map.  The OR450 can also display a .kmz (custom raster map) if someone has created one from NPS maps, etc.


Here is a link to Garmin's Custom Maps webpage for the Great Smoky Mtn. National Park map that can be loaded to your Oregon 450.


Nice! Thanks!  Now I just have to look around and find the best price on a 450