Can't load maps from "USStatesandCounties" into GPSMapEdit

Started by John P, July 07, 2010, 06:52:30 AM

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John P

I tried getting the map set placed here by Oz, but my edition of GPSMapEdit (version 0.99b, a freeware version) refuses to load any of the maps. Here's an example of the error message that it produces. Should I expect this to happen with this software?

Edited to say, the maps in the "Northeast topo" series load to GPSMapEdit just fine. So it's not that I have software that doesn't work.


Loading data from file 'C:\Program Files\GPS\IMG maps\Northeast\USStatesandCounties\54881258.img'...
* Block size:   1024
* Updated:   2008/07
WARNING: The file header contains incorrect data offset field.
ERROR: loading has terminated.
1 warning(s).
Load time is 0.00 s.


What were you trying to do with the maps in GPSMapEdit. Generally, this site discourages the modification of another mapmakers work without their permission...

John P

Who said anything about editing? I just wanted to see what was in the files, and GPSMapEdit is the program I usually use to look at IMG files. I've had no problems with files that are part of the Northeast Topo United States series, so I was wondering what's incompatible with the USStatesandCounties ones.

Oh, I suppose the use of GPSMapEdit maybe makes it look as if I actually do want to edit stuff. No, just take a look. It usually works fine for that purpose.

Thanks for the pointer to the map creation tutorial.