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Started by arash, July 05, 2010, 07:02:15 AM

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using Global Mapper with SRTM data to make K2 map for garmin GPSr but it seems I faced to lake of elevation data. How can I make a map for such a big mountain?


if you mean "How To Create Garmin Topo Maps" series off course I've read ! I can make my garmin maps fine but I've trouble with Himalayan region due to SRTM data! I want to know how to solve it!


I believe the SRTM data from JPL/NASA still has voids (no data areas).

SRTM from CGIAR used a gap filling algorithm - it may or may not be better than GlobalMapper's 'fill gaps' option available when contouring.

Johnathan at has spent considerable time over the past decade filling these gaps with data from the best available traditional contour maps.

If the area is too large for GlobalMapper to contour at one time; contour (and save) a few subareas, close GM, then restart GM and open these files and export to an .mp file.

How large of an area are you contouring?  What contour interval are you using?