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Blank Squares

Started by PHeller, June 16, 2010, 11:28:26 AM

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Everything I convert my files using MapsetToolkit I get blank squares in MapSource.

I thought I did everything the same way when I was getting maps before...but apparently not.

Any idea whats going on?


Now I keep getting an error during the Mapsettoolkit conversion where it says that my cGPSmapper is not the right type...yet it is...0100b.


A little more info as to what you are doing, where you are at and the steps you have taken will make it easier to get help. Clarify!


I've gone at this every way I can possible thing of.

Sometimes I get this error, and I've got to restart. Usually I get it when I try to remove the gMap extension from Maptoolkit.

Sometimes I get no error, the map loads into MapSource fine, but doesn't show up on the GPSr.


Is the map transparent?  If so, the 'overview' map will only have the selection (quad) polygons.  You would need to zoom-in to perhaps the 500' foot level to see the actual data.

With the info in your later posts, it sounds like some issue(s) with the program which is making the file with the gmap extension.

As Jimbob asked, some more info would be most helpful.  It is very much a guess at what might be causing these issues without knowning exactly what you did.


What program is giving you a gmap extension?
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