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looking for new gps

Started by mnguy152, August 21, 2010, 07:50:13 AM

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Hi like to find out which unit you would get. I would like it to be waterproof and be able to float and accept the lake master chips for icefishing and be ableto hunt with it also thanks


Just about all Garmin handhelds are waterproof to the same standard, but only the GPSMap 72, 76 and 78 series float. Can't use memory cards in the 72 or 76, so they are out. The 78 would be worth a look.

These will work for hunting too, but are bigger and more awkward than other handhelds since they need to extra volume to float.


76 may not be able to use a memory card, but the 76 CX can.


as can its new version the 78 series.
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