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Unwanted track in Nuvi 255

Started by HuntGSP, June 23, 2010, 08:49:20 PM

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Downloaded maps and waypoints from MapSource to micro SD card. Installed card in Nuvi 255. Maps looked good. Waypoints showed just fine. But to my surprise an old track showed up. That track had been saved in a file a while back. But the MapSource file used for the transfer did not have it. Furthermore, I had checked only maps and waypoints on the list of items to transfer. I have two questions. How did that track get there? More important, how do I remove it? Anyone have any suggestions?


On the Nuvi 225, the only place that track could have come from is the GPS itself. You cannot load a track onto a Nuvi. Or if you did, then a lot of people would like to know HOW.  ;D

Press Menu > Tools > My Data > Clear Trip Log > Yes (or something like that). You could also go to the map settings and disable the trip log display if you don't want to ever see it on the screen.


Mystery solved! The track did come fom the unit itself. But why did I assume otherwise? The Nuvi 255 was a borrowed unit from a friend. I was trying to check out the larger screen to use in my suv. I did not know my friend had saved the track. As luck would have I had recorded a track 99% identical to my friend's, using my own unit. What are the odd of two people independently taking an almost identical trip and recording the track? So when I saw the track, I thought I had put it there inadvertently. Not being familiar with the 255, could not figure out how to remove it. Thanks for the help.