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Any Linux users in here?

Started by TeleBruce, June 22, 2010, 04:18:42 AM

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This is not a my-OS-is-better-than-you-OS thread! ;D

But I am primarily a linux user - ubuntu. Made the switch about 4 years ago.
As I get more familiar with Mapsource and Base Camp, I will post my experience in getting it to run in Ubuntu if any would think it helpful. I currently use Nat. Geo TOPO! in Linux, kinda buggy but it works, and I run MapSource on an old laptop with Windows XP.
there's a bit of Garmin related freeware out there for Linux users that as I get time to play with I will be happy to post results..

Unless some of you have already tested it?
\What's been your experience in using Garmin or other mapping software, or GPS and Linux?


are you using wine to get it running?  There is definitely interest but considering it took garmin yearrs to support macs I doubt official support will ever come.
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Actually, a quick test using the latest version of WINE is a failure. I seem to be able to Mapsource and BAse camp fine, but they won't open afterwards.
I have the output from terminal, and will look at it line by line to see what is failing ahd now to potentially fix it.
I'll post back eventually with results.


Hi, I noticed this thread stopped 3 years ago.  I was wondering if anyone had made progress.  It takes too long to load XP!  Thanks for the help, Jim


Not that I have heard of. I think you need either a Mac on Windows machine if you want to use Garmin maps on your computer and send them to your GPS, or if you want to download Birdseye aerial imagery.

Some maps are distributed as files that can just be dragged/dropped onto your GPS if you have a newer model that supports USB Mass Storage mode. But I would say that the vast majority of maps available here include installers that run under Windows and require either Garmin Basecamp or Mapsource to be used on the computer and transferred to the GPS. Their are also a fair number of Mac compatible maps here.

I agree with Oz's post from 2010, I don't think Garmin will ever support Linux with their desktop software. However they are already using linux as the operating system on some of their devices (such as Nuvi and their failed "Garminfone"). Rumor has it that an Android based connected version of the Montana - The Monterra - will be introduced in June. So I suppose that's a form of "Linux Support".

Maybe as Basecamp Mobile matures, it will also be available on Android (currently iOS only) but it can only talk to a couple of their new devices now and provides very limited functionality.


Well it doesn't usually take me three years to follow up like I said I would!
Never really had any good success getting mapsource or Basecamp to run on WINE in linux. too bad; but I do still have computers that run Windows so I use those. Funny it's the only thing I use them for. If I find something that works, I will post back.
In a couple of years ;D


I think Mapsource in wine is quite easy, at least to install. I haven't tried recently, here is some old screenshot - Mapsource (probably 6.13.7) in wine in Linux in VMware in Windows ;)


I couldn't get wine to run Basecamp or Garmin Express, but was able to use VirtualBox and the VirtualBox Extension Pack (to get the correct USB support) running WinXP SP3 on Ubuntu 13.04 and got everything working. My Garmin Nuvi 1300 was a pita to get recognized in Linux, but it finally showed up after trying a different USB cable, not sure why a cable would matter as it worked on everything else.