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Renaming gmapsupp.img doesn't seem to work (60CSx)

Started by PHeller, June 15, 2010, 09:46:01 AM

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I'm trying desperately to switch over to a map I made in ArcGIS.

I'm viewing it in MapSource, so its working.

I try to load it to the GPS, and no matter what I do I can't get it shown. I've even tried removing the basemap, but for same reason it keeps coming back, and my file is no-where to be found.

I've tried access the SD card, removing the file that is on there, sending my map from MapSource to the SD Card (it appears as gmapsupp), then trying...and I still get the basemap!

What the heck? Is there some way to remove the basemap?


I think the basemap on a 60csx is in ROM, so you can't remove it, but IIRC you can hide it.  I think the easiest way to get to the show/hide is to go to the map page and hit menu twice.  You should then see all the map products (including the one you just created) in a list so you can show or hide map products individually.


Yea that might work if it didn't FREEZE everytime i was trying to get into the Map Setup - Information page

Very frustrating.

The map I'm loading is not large. It's only a single county with roads.


Quote from: PHeller on June 15, 2010, 09:46:01 AMI've even tried removing the basemap

How did you do that? As Seldom has said, you can't remove the basemap. You map file must be named gmapsupp.img and it must be in the \Garmin folder. That's about all there is to it. If it isn't working, then there may be a problem with the file.


If there is a problem with the file, how would I know?

I mean...if its in MapSource and displays fine it should work on the unit I'd assume.


Two possible issues:
1) You didn't select the map when you built the last send to the 60CSX.
2) It's there, but you can't see it.

Can you see the map you made on the list of maps, or is that when it freezes?  If you can see it on the list it's on the gps.

When you select your map in MapSource does it turn pink with a yellow line around it? That would mean that it's selected for the mapset.

If it's on the gps, but you can't see it, and you are close to where the map is located, turn the unit on and zoom in really close.  It could be that the stuff you drew doesn't show above say 500 foot zoom.


It's possible you need to do a hard reset on your GPSr. For the 60CSx push and hold at the same time for about 15 seconds the following.   Q M O P

Is your unit firmware up to date.
don't know what else would cause it to freeze.


Ok more info:

I tried joining NE Topo 100 with my county map showing parks and trails using Mapsettoolkit.

I open the map in mapsource, and it displays the county data with parks and trails, but not the Topo maps.

I load it into the GPS (60CSx) and it only shows the Topo maps.

I open the same .img file in GPSMapEdit and it appears that my county data and my NETopo100 maps are of a different projection and not at all lining up.

I think this is my biggest issue, the projection of the maps I'm making in GIS vs those downloaded from GPSFileDepot.

Any help on rectifying the projections?


You do not put a map set together in map set toolkit. Map set tool kit is used to place a completed .img file into map source & basecamp. Your topo and the map you made (county) should each show up in mapsource as individual maps. Follow my last post to put together a .img file that you can send to the GPSr. Remember only one .img file (think of it as a mapset) can be installed in the GPSr at a time. Any file in the unit will be overwritten. There is a map tool symbol in map source that is used to select a map or tiles for upload to the GPSr. Use that on a map and parts or all of the map changes color.

Indrid Cold

Quote from: PHeller on June 18, 2010, 08:18:37 AM
I tried joining NE Topo 100 with my county map showing parks and trails using Mapsettoolkit.
You use MapSource to combine different map products for sending to your GPS. If you want to combine a map from this site with your own work, you are going to have to contact the other map author to get their source files.

End of discussion.