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Going on a float trip in Alaska, need (want) a new GPS

Started by ddz1952, May 12, 2010, 06:59:17 PM

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Heading to Alaska this fall and going on a float hunting trip. I'm looking for something I can keep track of our progress, topo map and what else do I need? After the hunt I'll use it for Geocaching and throw it in the motorcycle for those crosscountry rides. I don't need turning directions, just an idea of where I'm at and how to get to where I want to go.
Is this to much to ask?


Good choices:
- 60csx (oldest of this list; reliable work-horse but no satellite/overhead imagery)
- 78 series
- Oregon x5x (x are numbers for different feature sets)
- Dakota 20

There is an Alaska map here that should help you out too.

Where in Alaska?  When you say "float" do you mean float plane or float as in boat?  If its boat you and you intend to use it on the boat you may want to go with the new 78 series because they float.  The oregon and dakota are touch screen.
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Thanks for the suggestions. We're going on a raft float trip. I'm leaning towards either a Garmin 450 or 450t. I'll keep the unit in a waterproof box, so don't require it to float.


Quote from: -Oz- on May 12, 2010, 07:31:06 PM
Good choices:
- 60csx (oldest of this list; reliable work-horse but no satellite/overhead imagery)

Since you aren't going until the fall, you might wait for the introduction of the GPSMap 62 series (see separate thread). If you like the touchscreen interface and higher resolution screen, the Oregon series is great though (I have a 400t). The main knock on them is a screen that can be hard to read under certain conditions.


The only advantage I can see for the "T" option is the 3D maps.  Tell me, Boyd, is that worth the extra money?


That has been a subject of much controversy. I got the 400t when it first came out, and it was the only model Oregon available at the store I went to. Today, I might not make the same choice - the 450 and 550 look really nice to me.

I would say it depends on how important cost and convenience are for you. The "T models" are ready to go with full US Maps right out of the box. The map format has been jiggered from the DVD version, so the whole US fits in about 450 segments. The DVD version uses 6,600 segments to cover the same area but the Oregon can only access a maximum of 4,000 segments.

Then you have to ask yourself whether US Topo is something you even want in the first place. Now that we have BirdsEye, you can really see just how bad the map data is (but, of course, you can't expect too much from a 1:100,000 map I suppose). Look at these screenshots. City Navigator is really pretty good, but US Topo places the streets about 2 blocks away from where they should be.

This was just a randomly-chosen example, but other places I look at are just as bad:

US Topo 100k:

City Navigator 2010.3


Thanks for those, Boyd.  Now I'm sure I can do without the "T".  From the road alignment it looks like they got those roads from old Tiger Line files.


Boyd, I recieved a new Cabela's today. The GPSMAP 62S and 62ST are both available in it. Since this is going to be used primarily going to be used for this trip to AK and other hunting trips should I spend the extra hundred for the ST or just download the maps I need.



I offered my opinion of the "t" models above - it would be the same maps on the 62ST.

When did they say it would be available? There seems to be some confusion about the release date for the 62 series.



Get your "T" from this site.  Better maps, much better price.  Can't find what you want, follow the tutorials and roll your own.