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Downloading TOPO! from Nat Geo to my New Dakota 20

Started by prewar70, June 15, 2010, 09:23:28 PM

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I have the Minnesota Nat Geo TOPO 24k buy my version is 3.0, probably 8 years old or so.  All file extensions when saving my maps .tpo.

Is there a way to download these maps to my new Dakota?  Or save to an sd and then work?

Thanks, James


The two data format are not compatable.  AFAIK NG does not export data to the Garmin format.


What is AFAIK NG?  Not sure I know what the acronym stands for other than Nat Geo.  So will a newer version of TOPO work on my Dakota?  Or is all of TOPO incompatible with Garmin products.  Thanks.


The National Geographic maps are compatible with the Magellan Triton series. You may be able to pick one of these up pretty cheaply these days. I recently installed some of the PA-NJ National Geographic maps on my Triton 1500. They look pretty nice - you get 100k and 24k USGS Topo maps, depending on how far you zoom in.

National Geographic has evidently scanned these themselves and they look much cleaner than the ones we are used to seeing on TerraServer. They cannot be installed on a Garmin GPS however.