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Garmin topo 100 map off

Started by 223Larry, June 10, 2010, 12:18:01 PM

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I Installed Calif part of  Garmin topo usa  100 in my 60csx and It's Three blocks off on the street.I know It's not suppose to be right on because it's a topo map But my magllan topo put me on my street corner were I live .Also the Calif topo that I downloaded here is right on but I need street names.Thanks any help?


The quality of Garmin's 100k topo varies, but in many places the street data is terrible. Here's an example (in Toms River NJ) from City Navigator, and the streets are pretty accurate

Compare this to US Topo. The streets are off by almost 3 blocks here as well

Garmin's 24k topo should be better. My understanding is that it uses Navteq street data, which should look like the streets in the City Navigator example above. I have never used the Garmin 24k topo maps myself, so I really can't say though...


Thanks for all the help guys.I used a magllan 400(eats batteries)  then got a good deal on a garmin 60csx .Love it .This is a great sight.