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split map?

Started by Buffaloed, June 09, 2010, 06:36:41 AM

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I'm a complete newbie who had a similar problem, even when using sendmap20. I'm trying to input a clip of the Florida topo map into an old Etrex Legend (not the Cx or HCx, just the original model), which has 8MB internal memory. When I use sendmap20, the DOS screen clearly shows that it recognizes the unit, correctly displaying its serial number and software version. It also acknowledges the clipped IMG file size (229Kb). However, when I try to find it under the "Map" page, I only see the pre-loaded map.

Questions: how can I be sure that my custom IMG file loaded? Why can't I see it on the Map page? Finally, I read somewhere that my custom file might overwrite the pre-loaded basemap. Is that true?

Any/all help is appreciated.


What do you mean by ' clipped IMG file'?  I have not heard of SendMap being able to reduce the size of an .img file by only sending a portion of the area covered in the file.  You can use SendMap to send one or more .img files in a mapset to the GPSr.

On an older GPSr the Garmin basemap is 'burned' into the unit's internal memory.  It can not be deleted nor altered, nor can the space it uses be 'recovered' for other map uses.


I suggest you contact the author of that mapset.