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township, range lines and sections

Started by Sonny, June 08, 2010, 03:29:23 PM

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Does Garmin's new 24k topo really show sections on the maps. I have seen no screenshots that show them.


I will answer my own post. I just received the Garmin 24K for the Southeast. You cannot see township, range and section lines on the topo. Does anyone know how to add them to the Garmin maps or other topo maps? I work in the Forestry business and we need this information. I have regular 24K topos on my Magellan Mobilemapper 6 running Windows Mobile 6. But, I also use the GPSMAP 78s and would like to have them on it.


The 78 supports Custom 'raster' images so you could also view USGS 24k (or 100k) quads.
Unless Garmin has increased the number of cells, you will be limited to about 1 quad at a time.

Additional map data is usually added by creating an overlay/transparent mapset.  Unfortunately, polygons in such a mapset will display after and cover up the data in the 'primary' mapset.  Not too useful as T&R data is esentially contiguous. 
The polygons could be converted to lines; however, each common boundary will have two lines and it may not be too clear which T&R (section, etc.) the label is refering to.
I have not used custom types; however, I would expect you could create some polygon type that would be 'invisible' or minimally visible - somewhat like what jbensman has done in his land ownership maps -
Something on my to-do list.


Could you give a small specific area that could be used as a test?


I recently created a custom map of the Winnfield West quadrangle in north central Louisiana and put it on my garmin 78s. I was very satisfied with the results, however, that is a lot of trouble for just 1 quad. I need to have at least 40 quads on a machine. Used G-raster with quad from terrain navigator.


Quote from: Sonny on July 26, 2010, 09:46:19 PM
I was very satisfied with the results, however, that is a lot of trouble for just 1 quad.

For the first time, Garmin gave us a little hope that we might be able to create larger raster maps in the future:,1381.0.html