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garmin 76cx

Started by made, June 07, 2010, 01:31:14 AM

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hi all,
I'm new the the forum and I'm note sure if the same topic has been discussed previously.I bought this unit recently and only took it out couple time,never drop it and i have energizer rechargeable nimh batteries on it.these tiny black dots (sometime turn to stripes that seem moving in pattern) lots of the in the there anyone can help me with it?thanks in advance. ???


This is something you should take up with Garmin tech support.

I saw something like that once when I rubbed the screen of my 60CSX.  Thought it was caused by static, because it went away shortly afterwards.  Also, if you are wearing polarized sunglasses when you are observing this they can affect what you see on the display.  See if there's still a problem without the sunglasses.


i did have a polarized sunglasses but the problem still persist regardless sunglasses.i may have to take it back to the store is not even a month. Garmin want me to pay $110 plus tax.