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60CSx batteries

Started by rayd, May 28, 2010, 04:01:06 PM

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Hello all! I just purchased a 60CSx and am trying to figure out if I can use lithium AA batteries in that unit.

Those non-rechargeable AA lithiums are rated at 1.5V but I understand the initial voltage to be 1.72-1.8 volts.

I've tried rechargeable AA NIMH batteries but they simply don't last long enough for use on my hiking ventures.

So I'd like to try lithiums. Has anyone used them in a 60CSx?

Great site and forums, btw!


If I remember correctly Garmin says lithium re-chargeables are fine but make no mention of non-rechargeable. Not sure what if anything they would do when hooked up to USB but I think  OZ made ref. to same some time ago.. I use duracell rechargeable NiMH, 1.2v 2000mah & lithium rechargeable 1.5v at 2900 mah in my 60CSx. I have seen reference to non rechargeable lithium providing 50% more power than NiMH. Might try Garmin and see what they say. I did not find any reference to the voltage range you mentioned. 1.7-1.8


I was searching Garmin on another question for a frien when I came across this reference.


QuoteNot all lithium ion AA batteries will work with our GPSMAP 60 and 76 "x-series" devices as they have too high of an output voltage. Typical AA batteries have a voltage of 1.5v each. Some lithium ion AA batteries put out 1.65v or higher. Our units will only accept power from batteries that output less than 1.65v.

If using Lithium-ion batteries and the gps will not power on or will shut down quickly after being powered on, the high voltage could be the issue. They will need to be drained a little to be in the operative range in the unit. Use a flashlight or other device that uses AA batteries to drain some power from the batteries.


I guess I'll go check out the voltages of some more brands of lithium batteries. Doing the checking on the internet has given me a wide variety of results.


I came across Battery University. Located at


Well, that is great information from such a simple question.

Thanks for your leg work.....and for finding my answer.

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I use the SANYO eneloop batteries and they work quite well.