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Can Nuvi 205W use topo & lake maps?

Started by smith, January 02, 2009, 10:46:07 AM

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I got a Nuvi for Xmas and really like the big screen.  My other gps is a Rino530.  When looking at the Garmin site for info on my new Nuvi, it doesn't show any topo or lake maps that are compatible with the 205W.  I downloaded the AZ topo map and installed a little of it on my Rino.  When I did, a message box told me that the MapSource software ERASED the Marine point map that came with the Rino.  Not quite sure what I lost and it makes me a little wary of trying to load anything new on my Nuvi.  I'd hate to lose the "dirt simple" navigating the Nuvi has.  I'd sure like to use a topo on the Nuvi because of the great wide screen it has.  This along with being stuck to a sandbag on the dash of my Duramax makes it much easier to read while my Rino is bouncing & sliding all over my dash board  when I get off the pavement.  And, around here, there isn't a lot of pavement.
Thanks for any help ;D


First: on Garmin's website you can find the Marine point map and load it back to the Rino
Second: There was an error in the Arizona topo but you already know that from email :)
Third: You can indeed load it to your 205 and it won't overwrite city navigator.  then you just unckeckcity navigator from the maps list to see the topo.
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Thanks for the replies guys.
I dug around on the Garmin site and found The Marine Point Database and downloaded an installer for a different unit.  It didn't show the map as "in the box" for the Rino530.  Not sure why.  It came installed on my 530.  After installing on my computer and trying to put it back on my Rino, the software said to choose which com port the GPSr was connected by serial port to.  Serial port??? I just have a usb cable from a digital camera.  I couldn't get it to work.  It didn't use MapSource to load the map.  

The link posted is not the same map as I accidently erased.  Now when I view the background map or even the # IbycusUSA Road Map the lakes and rivers look white instead of blue.  I've even turned the marine colors on in the map setup page. >:(