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maps loaded to sd card from MapSource invisible to NUVI

Started by Calico, May 25, 2010, 01:01:12 PM

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I can load maps to NUVI internal memory OK, but can't make NUVI see maps loaded to the sdCard. how do i get the nuvi 205 or 500, or other unit to see the maps on the sdCard?


How did you load the maps on the SD card? Did you use Mapsource? You must create a folder named Garmin at the root level of the card. The map file should be named gmapsupp.img and should be inside that folder. If you followed the instructions on this site and used Mapsource however, I think this all should have been done automatically.

But look at your card and see what's on it. Most of the maps on this site include an installer which you need to run first to install the map into Mapsource. In mapsource you should have the option of choosing either the internal nuvi memory or your SD card.


Yes, more details please.  Are you using MapSource or Basecamp.

You should be able to select 'Removable Disk' instead of 'Nuvi 500' when you are are selecting the device to transfer to just before you send the maps to your GPS.

Make sure you have the memory card in your GPS, or you can just use a card reader on your computer to send the maps directly to the SD card without hooking up your GPS.

Indrid Cold

Have you disabled your City Navigator Maps that might be covering the maps loaded to the SD card?


I used MapSource. There is a garmin folder on the sdcard with a gmapsupp.img file within. It seems that the GPS doesn't see the card.


The problem may lie with me. The card I flashed yesterday afternoon is working this morning.
Thank all yall who responded.  Have a good day!


I'm loading MapSource created maps on 5 NUVI 255's. I know the SDcards are good to go. 3 of the units don't seem to see the card. The 2 units that see the cards will read all the cards. The other 3 don't.  However you can load maps to internal memory OK on the 3.
What could be the problem? I had same problem with NUVI 205W's.

Indrid Cold

First off, check the units to see if they have the current firmware. Use WebUpdater. If that fails, might have to clean the sd slot with some contact cleaner. That failing, maybe reformat the sdcard and reload ???



The problem was with the ability of the NUVI to see the card.
I searched the Garmin support website. If the NUVI won't see the card, you must do a MASTER RESET without the card inserted. Then insert the card and it will read the card. It worked on the 5 NUVI 255's I was loading.
To do a MASTER RESET on the 255:   (the 255 has no reset button)
1-remove the SD card
2-turn unit ON and allow to fully bootup
3-hold the ON/OFF slider in ON position for 8-10 seconds and then release

Some other models have a master reset button on the bottom

Hope this helps someone else.


Glad you got it working and thanks for posting the solution; helps when people find this topic via google
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