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Some questions.....

Started by pandinus, May 22, 2010, 03:35:55 PM

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Hi all,

i got a Garmin 255T and loaded the Florida-map onto it.But i am not sure if i could use the maps to travel in florida (is it just to see the map or can i give my gps a destination to lead me to as the original map?)

Maybe someone could help me with this ? Badly i can not make a test because i am in Germany and it will show me the right map when i am in florida




On your Nuvi, press Menu > Tools > System > GPS Simulator > On. This turns off the GPS receiver. Now zoom WAY out and drag the map to florida and zoom back in to a location of interest. You can press the Save button to create a favorite if you like (to make it easier to return to the same view).

This should let you use the Florida map as though you really are there. I am not familiar with that map myself, but I don't think it is routable, so it can only show your position on the map. There are a few routable maps on this site, but they were created from open streetmap data and won't allow you to search for addresses.

If you want full navigation capability, I'm afraid you will need to purchase City Navigator North America.


Thank you for your help !!! :-)
I got a map of the US but it was for my navigon-GPS.I think this would not work at my garmin...or ?




Sorry, Navigon maps don't work on Garmin...


i tested it like you described and it worked great. i set a position somewhere in florida and set this as start.Then i told my gps that i would like to go to miami and it gave me a mileage and a arriving time.When i started simulation it showed me the way on the display.It seems its a routable map.
Its enough for me to come from one big city to another :-)

Thank you again , now i feel really happy with my trip to florida with help of my gps.


The Nuvi's have a routable basemap of the whole world. This is pretty crude, but it does contain the major highways. If you load a non-routable map, the Nuvi will create the best possible route using the roads on the basemap. But since there are very few roads on that map, the route won't be so great.

What map did you download? Looking at the Florida maps here on the site, I don't see any that are routable, so I'm pretty sure that the Nuvi's basemap was providing that function.


A way to determine if the map is routable is to load it into MapSource or BaseCamp, and use the routing tool to develop a route on that map.  If all the route segments follow the road it's a routable map.  If they're all straight lines its not.