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Extending route in basemap

Started by keg, May 14, 2010, 07:56:33 PM

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downloaded basemap and like the way it will draw routes.  When you get to the end of the page you get an arrow to move the screen.  I mostly use the old vista hcx for float trips down rivers and like to draw routes in advance so we can get an time/distance estimate on camp sites, fuel stops and supplies.  I can not figure out how to add to a route in base map, it is fairly simple in mapsource you select the route and right click.  anybody know how a guy can do this?  I have clicked my way silly and still can't seem to seal the deal.  I have figured out how to do all kinds of editing but cannot add extra waypoints onto the end of an existing route.


I think you mean BaseCamp..... a BaseMap is something completely different.  ;D

This appears to be a limitation of the software... not sure if it was addressed with the 3.0.3 update that was just released today. See:

QuoteThis is one of the limitations we've identified with the route editing tools that we'd like to address in a future version of BaseCamp.

If you create additional waypoints you can either copy & paste or drag & drop them to the end of your existing route.  Not optimal but it should allow you to extend the route as you intend.


you are correct it is basecamp don't know what I was thinking.  I will have to keep using Mapsource untill that issue is corrected.