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Oregon 450 MapSource Problem

Started by 1Buck2, May 13, 2010, 09:03:51 PM

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OK I have looked at the tutorials. I have downloaded the program as instructed. When i try to run the application, it opens and tells me to click next to install software. I then get an error message that tells me that a "previous mapsource not found- setup will terminate"  I am running windows xp on my laptop.  How can i get a free mapsource when it tells me a previous source not found.  Can anyone help me please??


you have to also install the "garmin training center" program also. the link for it is with the link you downloaded. This gives you the garmin product you need for this to load. i just learned this yesterday when i was having the same problem. Hope this helps.


That is correct. FIRST install Training Center. It will put a basemap on your computer. THEN install Mapsource. It will see the basemap and it will work. You don't need the training center software for anything else - it is just a "hack" to trick Mapsource into installing without purchasing anything.