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Started by heyyou325, May 12, 2010, 03:40:19 PM

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I'd like to thank Boyd, Oz, and the others who helped me on "running gps with a laptop".  I just returned from a 4600 mile road trip using a gps purchased for fishing on Northern Idaho and Montana.  I used n-route as suggested by Oz and later Garmin and it worked perfect.  I had a little trouble with mapsource, using my wife's laptop with windows 7, so downloaded version 6.13.7 as suggested by freecat with a "windows 7 mapsource tip".  It crashed also after a while, so went to Beta as suggested in the using maps/Garmin software forum.  I had 2 problems with it but with all the help, my wife and I made it the whole way from North Idaho up by Canada to SW Nebraska to central Indiana and back again thru snow storms and road closures in Wyoming, thunder storms in every state I think, heavy winds, and worst of all big cities, I like mountains and trees, not a lot of people and traffic.  But we made it and visited both kids, and got back about 2 hours ago.  4600 miles in less than 2 weeks.  This site helped a lot.  Thanks again.  


Glad it worked out for you!
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Excellent! Sounds like you had quite an adventure.  :)


You might want also  to look at this thread for MS 6.13.7.,1133.0.html

I'm running it and MS Beta.  I dropped the 6.13.7.exe file into my 6.15.11 Program files folder.  It's been running that way for a couple of weeks and though 6.15.11 crashes all the time, 6.13.7 hasn't crashed yet.


That's what I did wrong.  I just downloaded MS 6.13.7 exe and it worked fine for about a day, then it just disappeared, all of mapsource.  I put the 6.15.11 back on to get to the hotel that night.  Then I tried the Beta one, and had 2 or 3 problems where we needed to e-mail them about it, to help get the bugs out.  Sort of hard to e-mail them while you are on a freeway tho.  We just restarted it and it worked good.  E-mailed them later when we were in a hotel.  I'm back on my desktop now with XP so don't have a problem with it. My wife is totally sold on the OSM maps so now I have to try to figure how to combine them or have more than 1 at a time on.  Always something I guess.  I just thought I'd let the people know they were a big help and I appreciated it.


With the picture question, you don't know my wife.  More than 4 gigs worth that she kept from her digital camera.  Some historical, a lot of landscape, a lot of storms, a limestone quarry, people, and who knows what else.  Thanks again for the help.   


So did she geotag all 4 Gig yet?


I'm computer inept on most things, and don't really do pics at all.  She wants to know the difference between "personal images" and "pictures" that  you mention on your web hosting page?  My wife isn't sure what would be usable to you guys, and what wouldn't.  She would be willing to send some, if she knew just what you wanted, and the procedure for contributing. 

In other words, how do you geotag something?


Three different things:

Personal Image: A jpeg you upload to sit under your screen name.  In my case it's Druid Arch, an image I have geotagged.

Image Hosting: A service the site provides to permit you to incorporate images in forum posts.  You upload an image to the GPSfiledepot server, and it assigns it a URL that you can link into forum posts.

Geotagging: Coordinating the timestamp data on a digital photo with a GPSr tracklog, so that you know where the photo was taken.  There's a tutorial on this site for use of gpicsync.  (Free software).
There's also a program called Geosetter (also free) with a much richer feature set.

I don't know that there's much application for geotagged imagery on this site, but it can be uploaded to Google Earth, or posted on Flickr.


     Thanks, I guess for the definitions.  We had to get a new mapsource after using the beta one.  I even put it on my computer that didn't have to have the new one.  Well, the only maps left after installing it, were the Garmin topos I got on a CD, and Northwest trails.  On both computers.  I still had all the maps and installs so it wasn't a big thing to reinstall them.  Now, after reading about geotagging,   my wife tries to get into n-route which had been tracking the whole trip.  She found this out on the trip accidently and figured she could use it to tell where the pics were taken at.   We need to reinstall n-route(I'm guessing the new mapsource).  We still have the download (I think), but that won't let us in to the track log.  Now, she wants me to tell her where every pic was taken.  You don't know the name and location of a coal fired power plant on interstate 25 in Wyoming do you?  She is putting on google earth what we can figure out.
     Seriously tho, thanks for the info she likes doing things with pics and this will keep her busy for a long time.