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USFS GeoTiffs?

Started by en6ads, May 17, 2010, 01:03:30 PM

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Hi All,
I have also post this at GPSReview forum because I'm not sure which site was best to ask.

I'm really struggling here to find a workflow to get vectorized USFS topo maps onto my 60csx. Specifically the trails, unimproved 4wd tracks, gates and pipleine/electric/telephone easements used as trails.

I have installed Moagu and Mapwel. Neither program accepts the Tiffs from the USFS clearing house. There is metadata in the Tiff, but neither program recognizes it as GeoTiff metadata. This site confirms this:

The Seamless Server Moagu recommends does not contain the updated USFS data for the Forest that I'm interest in (Sam Houston National Forest), only the 1976 data.

I have found GeoPDF versions of the Quads on the USGS website, but so far I cannot get either program to accept this format.

So, where can I get geo-referenced Tiffs from that either program can accept? Or, is there a program that can take the GeoPDF format?

Many thanks


See my response over at GPSReview...