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Help on PostgreSQL/PostGIS query With TIGER data

Started by masdangkolo, May 10, 2010, 09:57:07 PM

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The TIGER data contains not only shapefile sets (edges.dbf, edges.prj, edges.shp, edges.shp.xml, edges.shx), but also database only file sets (featnames.dbf, featnames.dbf.xml). If I understand this correctly the featnames.dbf contains identification information for records contained in edges.shp and they are associated by the TLID. I know how to load the edges.shp file into PostgreSQL/PostGIS (shp2pgsql, psql) and I think I can load the featnames.dbf (shp2pgsql, psql). Now how do I associate the TLID so that I can generate shapefiles that contain selected additional data from the featnames table.



Features in the edges, etc. file have a name if there is one.  The data in the featnames file(s) contains this name and any additional name(s) for the edge/feature; i.e. multiple highway numbers, highway number - highway name - street name, other spelling(s) of street name, with/without direction, with/without st/lane, etc. 
Two years ago I counted 14 entries for one feature (a road/street).


You can use a join SQL statement to make one table with all the data that you want; this will help you leave out things you don't need anymore.  If I had the column names I could write it for you but the idea is to do an insert with a select query and that select query has a join.
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