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Oregon 450t--loading map Did I screw up?

Started by Bill_Mi, May 09, 2010, 09:15:51 AM

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I transferred a custom topo map from Mapsource (running on a windows XP computer) to my Oregon 450t. I  am able to select and use the new map on my 450t fine; but it was not loaded on the gps's microsd card -- as I had intended.  Apparently I sent the map to drive "H"(the gps memory) instead of "I" (the microsd card in the gps). The map I added is just a portion of the Wyoming topo from GPSFileDepot.

I've looked thru all the folders on my 450t via windows explorer and I cannot see any specific reference to my custom map.  The microSD card is completely empty - confirming the file did not go where I wanted.  Is there any way for me to undo what I have done so I can start over, and load my new map where I intended? Or is the map I added now permanently "integrated" into my gps where I cannot undo my actions?

Thanks for any help,

Bill in Michigan


The map MapSource created would be named gmapsupp.img - unless you renamed it somename.img.  It will be in the Garmin folder.  Either delete it, or transfer it (via Windows Explorer, etc) to a Garmin folder on the micro memory card - you likely have to make the Garmin folder.  I would also suggest you rename the gmapsupp.img file; otherwise the next time MapSource creates and transfers a map it will write over the existing gmapsupp.img file.



Thank You!!  I checked -- gmapsupp.img is present on my 450T, and the time/date/size are all appropriate for when I made my mistake.  I'll follow your suggestions.

Bill in Michigan