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Started by eztrails, May 02, 2010, 07:44:42 AM

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Yeah I need that type of help.  I bought a GPSmap60cx from amazon and have been told to get some maps here.  I have read the tutorials and even downloaded a map but I can't get the map into mapsource.  The GPS came with a mapsource product called trip and waypoint manager 5.0.  It has a basemap and a pull down for additional maps so it looks like the mapsource in the tutorial.  I can't see directions for getting the maps into mapsource.  This site looks like a great resource.  I fear that I am just to computer ignorant to use it.  The map saved into a desktop file and I have tried to send it to mapsource but can't find a way.  Help is appreciated.


Could you be a little more specific about the map you downloaded?  Some maps come with installers.  Others require you to install the map using MapSetToolKit.


Quote from: seldom_sn on May 02, 2010, 09:01:29 AM
Could you be a little more specific about the map you downloaded?  Some maps come with installers.  Others require you to install the map using MapSetToolKit.

Thanks for the reply, I downloaded A topo of Washington I believe.  Since I'm not remembering seeing a MapSetToolKit I'm assuming that is the case with this map.


Quote from: maps4gps on May 02, 2010, 09:14:20 AM
Have you followed the instructions in:

Yes, I was trying to follow this tutorial but to follow this tutorial the map has to get into mapset.  I thought when I downloaded it I could get it into mapset but was unable to get it there.  It only wants to go to file folders already in my computer.  As you can tell I'm not super computer savvy.


That file has an installer. If you double click the .EXE file and run it it will install the map in MapSource and/or BaseCamp. 


@ easytrails

Are you sure you actually have Garmin's Mapsource? My GPSMap60CSx did NOT come with Mapsource. It did come with the Trip and Waypoint Manager but I don't think that's the same product. I wound up getting the actual Mapsource product as indicated here:

I'm using one of the topo maps available on this site instead of paying big $$$ for Garmin maps. I'm perfectly satisfied with it. I have no interest in highway navigation - just topo for hiking purposes.


Trip and Waypoint manager is just Mapsource bundled with a crude basemap. However, you might want to update to the newest version on Garmin's site.


According to Garmin, he cannot use Trip and Waypoint Manager to load maps to his GPS. To do that he needs the full Mapsource product and the way to get it for free is in the link, as I did. See here:


To get mapsource just follow all the steps in this tutorial:

Then you can double click the .exe file you download and then just follow these steps:
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Thanks for all the feedback.  Yes the trip and waypoint thing is a mapsource product and does have a very crude base map.  I will follow the tutorial and load up the mapsource from the link.  Then perhaps the Map will load correctly into the mapsource that is designed to load maps on the GPS.  This info is much appreciated!



That should do the trick. After you get the full Mapsource working, you can delete the Garmin Training Center. I did because I had no particular need for that software just taking up space. If you are new to GPS, you're where I was about four months ago. I never installed Trip and Waypoint Manager because I found it wouldn't transfer maps to the GPS. That's a cheap trick as far as I'm concerned. If I'm working with a map on the computer, planning a hike with waypoints and tracks, I want to also have that same map on the GPS. I considered having only the track shown on a default worldwide road map on the GPS and no topo to be pretty much worthless for my purposes. And I was not about to pay big bucks to Garmin to get what I wanted, considering the great free maps available at this site. Many thanks go to the individuals that put all that information together.

It can be a complex and frustrating experience for a time until you get used to the ins and outs, even the basic terminology, of GPS. But take it one step at a time and you'll get there. The folks at this site are very helpful. The following site is also great for a quick understanding about some of the usage peculiarities that are NOT indicated in the Garmin manual - and there are several very important ones.

At least they were not in the manual for my 60CSx, which is the same as yours except for the compass. It took me about two full months to get to where I was comfortable in getting the GPS to actually do what I wanted it to do and to manipulate tracks and waypoints the way I wanted. You'll also find that the full Mapsource product works very nicely in conjunction with Google Earth.


You know... I believe that BaseCamp is distributed with it's own simple basemap, isn't it? If so, you could install BaseCamp first and then Mapsource. I believe that would eliminate the need for the Training Center hack since the maps should share the same location.

I already have maps and mapsource installed on all my own systems, but maybe someone else could confirm whether this works.


Well it was a crazy Monday for me (work not here).  Rod thanks for the info I will check the link. I have already loaded the latest version of Mapsource and it looks pretty much like the one that came on the disk.  I live on the Oregon / Washington border so I was already leaning towards loading the NW Topo.  I wanted to start with the Washington so I could work with a smaller map at first.  I hike and bike on trails in both Oregon and Washington.  As time permits later this week I will attempt to load the NW topo.

I am listening to everyone.  I appreciate the Guru's stepping in and clearing things up and also Rod who understands what I am going through.  BTW believe it or not I am not new to GPS's.  I have had an explorist 210 for about 3 years now.  I just have always worked off of the base map.  My wife bought me a National Geographic GPS NW trails map to use with the GPS but I was unable to load it.  So I would print out maps that was in lat & long grid form and use the maps and the GPS to find my way.  I also have been geocaching for the same time period but I always print the caches out and just use the coords shown on the explorist to find the caches.  Everyone told me that if I had a Garmin I could load caches and get the free maps here.  I went to Garmin's site and tried to load the Caches via their instructions and ran into nothing but errors.  I tried to load the Wa topo and I couldn't get it into mapsource.  But everyone is helpful here so I am not going to give up yet.  I will try again as time allows.  Thanks for the info!



Well I downloaded the NW Topo and installed it.  It does not show up in Mapsource.  I went through the whole wizzard install bit.  At this point I am at a loss of what to do.