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Drawing Boundry Lines

Started by Chaos, April 12, 2010, 08:23:46 AM

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if you're going to have spaces you need to use quotes around them.  for example your line should be:
cgpsmapper ac "lincoln park trail"

Then it should work. Old school dos knowledge :)
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Even after I change the filename it won't work. 

The "ac" switch will name the output IMG file to be the 8 digit map name you assign in the GPSmapedit properties box.  The rest of the batch file is to do multiple MP files, so it can run all night if needed.

I don't really understand how to do the stuff you're suggesting seldom.  Isn't there a mapmaking for idiots book out there. 

I do have a copy of mapwel on my computer but I haven't the slightest clue how to use it and I haven't been able to find a user manual for it. 

This all seems so needlessly complicated for just putting tracks permanently onto a map. 


Probably the best tutorials I know are linked to on the top of this page at:
This will give you a step by step process.

For a more general overall view try:

AFAIK Boyd is the mapwel wizard here.


Quote from: seldom_sn on April 29, 2010, 10:32:38 AMAFAIK Boyd is the mapwel wizard here.

Haha, I ain't much of a wizard  ;D

I do have the advanced copy of Mapwel and used it for a few projects. I like it because it is very user-friendly and the custom types editor is excellent (they call them "user defined styles"). I also like the fact that it can display the map on your computer almost exactly the way it will look on your GPS - no other software does this. Mapwel is an all-in-one solution, it contains its own compiler and doesn't use cgpsmapper.

But it does things a bit differently and is probably best suited to smaller projects. Mapping a whole state with Mapwel would be awkward. If you find Mapwel hard to understand and use (and many people seem to), then you will really be confused by the cgpsmapper workflow. Trust me, Mapwel is by far the most user-friendly program for making Garmin maps.

This said, I have not used it at all for awhile. I have gone back to cgpsmapper since it seems more appropriate for the kinds of things I'm doing now with custom types. Mapwel implements custom types differently, and for some reason they don't work as expected on my newest Nuvi (1350). They are fine on all my other Garmin units though (60csx, Oregon 400t, Nuvi 205, Nuvi 5000).

The mapwel user manual isn't so hard to find... look here:

You do realize, however, that you must purchase Mapwel for it to work - right? It is fully functional on your computer without purchasing, but when you transfer the map to your GPS it will be incomplete unless you have bought a license key.