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GPS Map60CSx cleaning questions.

Started by astainback, April 16, 2010, 09:58:36 AM

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I use my gps for riding atvs.  
It makes things easy when you don't have to worry about remembering which trail you took, and the best way to back track!!
I went riding a while back and the gps got a little muddy.
It was easy to clean off with a wet paper towel.
The last trip I took... well, let's just say that the unit was completely orange/yellow with mud.
When I got home, I really didn't have much of a choice, so I ran it under the water faucet in the kitchen.  Trying to wet down the dried up mud would have probably pushed it in deeper.
It is 95% clean now.  There is still some dirt around the edges of the rubber boots in the back of the unit.
My question is... is that a bad idea??
What is the best way to clean this thing?

My plan for my next trip, and future trips is to put a ziplock or gladbag around it.  Maybe take some rubber bands or a little strip of tape to keep it "safer".  haha

You can see how it is mounted in these pics.

Here is a video I made (please feel free to watch it all, and subscribe!!) that you can see the gps in.  The time on the video where you can see it is 7:33.

The link to my youtube channel is :
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Anybody ever get they 60CSx really muddy??
Garmin Montana 610
Garmin VivoActive HR


I also use mine on my ATV and when it gets dirtier than I can just wipe off with a paper towel; I'll put it under the faucet with slow running water and use a tooth brush to get in the crevices.  Keep the tooth brush rinsed off well to keep from getting sand and dirt in the bristles which could scratch.

After cleaning I always check the battery compartment and USB and NMEA plug in areas to be sure no moisture is present.  If any were present I'd leave the compartments open to dry overnight.


Good idea on the toothbrush!!
Garmin Montana 610
Garmin VivoActive HR


I take mine in the water and snow a lot, so I really don't think running it under water or soaking it in the sink for 15 minutes will really harm it. That would get the dirt soft enough to brush off with a rag or toothbrush.


Yea, I've dunked mine and cleaned it so I wouldn't worry.  If water gets inside the battery compartment just let it dry out then turn it on again.
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