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New to GPS and have 60Csx questions

Started by GlockGuy, April 18, 2010, 05:06:14 AM

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Let me start by thanking the folks who put this site together and maintain it! :)

Some background before I ask my questions -
1. I have done a search for GPS Map60CSx already and looked throught the 3 pages of threads.
2. I own multiple Garmin products - Namely, this one and a Garmin Nuvi 1350 for the truck.
3. This unit was a gift, although not brand new.
    When I received it, the owner took out the SD card, which had the Marine maps on it.
4. I have gone to Garmin and updated my software/firmware.

My questions - Is there a preferred size or brand SD card to replace the one that is missing? Currently, all I have is the internal memory.

Are there marine maps available other than the $116.65 Inland Lakes Vision that Garmin sells?

If there are, do I download them to the SD card, when I get one, or directly to the unit?

My off-the-wall question of the day - I have a RAM mount on my kayak for this unit. I also use a 12V 7AH battery to power my small fish finder. Is there a relatively easy way to modify a power cord to run this unit off of that battery? I've found that even with Lithium AA batteries, this unit goes through them pretty quick. My electrical and electronic skills are pretty good, so stuff like soldering, connectorizing and fabricating power blocks  and the like are not too difficult. I just don't want to have to create a printed circuit card here! ::)

Thanks for the help!

GM1(SW) USN(Ret.)


Garmin's marine maps are listed here. For any specific map, there should be a "products" tab that will show compatability with different units:

The 60csx doesn't have any internal memory for maps; you will need a micro SD card. A 4GB is the max size that your unit can use, and it should be more than adequate. In addition to the file size limit, the 60csx can only recognize 2025 map segments. Segments are the individual tiles that make up the entire map. You will hit the segment limit long before you reach 4GB.

Most people sing the praises of the 60csx battery life. I have a 60csx but don't use it anymore myself. You might try using better quality batteries. Also, turning off the compass will significantly improve battery life.

Other than that, you should be able to power it from an external USB type battery pack. These are available all over the place. Not sure what would be required to make your own though.



I have never had battery issues with my 60csx, the Dakota though goes through my rechargeables faster than I'd like but I am trying out a new type or rechargeable batteries.  Rather than turning off the compass I set it to not turn on so quickly when I'm not moving.

If you do a modified power cord and you run it through the mini-usb port make sure you regulate the voltage to 5V.  You can also provide power through the 4 prong "port".

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