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Loadin maps on Garmin

Started by chris3018, April 12, 2010, 04:08:17 AM

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I bought a Garmin map and I have downloaded maps from GPSFileDepot. When I try to put all maps on my sd card the Garmin map always tries to delete the downloaded maps. Am I doing something wrong?


Which Garmin GPSr?

MapSource, etc. will create a gmapsupp.img file which will overwrite any existing gmapsupp.img alrady on the GPSr.  On most units you need to select all the map data you want to transfer and send it to the GPSr as a single gmapsupp.img file.



I also cant download map in my Garmin watch,
I just don't understand where I am stucking or what I am doing wrong, your problem is sorted out? whenever I start downloading after a few mins it shows error. is there any software issue?
plz also help me to resolve my issue.