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Which Oregon?

Started by FauxFlat, April 11, 2010, 09:58:40 PM

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I haven't downloaded the latest update yet. Not real sure why they don't want you to print maps. If it were just City Navigator or the 24k Topo's, I would say there might be some license restrictions from Navteq. Maybe they are just playing it safe by disabling printing of all maps on the device? You could always contact Garmin and see what they say.

I have to confess that I've never had any interest in printing Garmin's maps myself. If I'm going to carry a printed map, it would be a *real* USGS topo map. But if you're dying to print the garmin map, you could always just do a screen capture (using the snipping tool in Windows or "Grab" on the Mac) and print that. If you want one of these "t model" Oregon's, the lack of print capability for pre-installed maps in BaseCamp doesn't seem like much of a reason not to get one IMO.

BTW, I read this on Garmin's forum. It clarifies what this new feature will and will not do.

QuoteThe intent would be that any full map (not a user generated subset from MapInstall or MapSource) that the device could read would also be read by BaseCamp.  I'm still in the process of defining how our various units discover maps on internal memory and SD cards so I can't answer any specifics about naming or configurations yet.


Quote from: maps4gps on April 12, 2010, 08:58:31 AM

  Could you clariffy 'You can put a 16GB micro SD card into the unit and have plenty of storage available' ?

  I have seen some posts saying you could use a micro card larger than 4Gb; however, because of FAT limits the Garmin GPSrs could only 'see'/use 4Gb.

Finally got around to trying this myself. I have now downloaded over 7.5GB of BirdsEye imagery so I wanted to see how it worked. Took the 16GB card I was using for something else, backed it up, and copied the BirdsEye files to it.

Works like a charm; I can see all 7.5GB of Imagery. Have not yet hit the trail with this, but BirdsEye seems to work as expected. It zooms and pans faster than the custom maps I made myself and it is visible through the range of 20 feet to 12 miles. At 20 miles, it disappears. At zoom settings between 1.2 and 12 miles, the low resolution preview image is shown. At settings between 20 feet and .8 miles, the full resolution image is shown.

BaseCamp has its own issues. Others have reported a lot of problems with it choking as you download more imagery. This seems to be related to your operating system - the 32 bit systems seem more problematic. I am running Vista 64 and everything worked great for awhile, but after I got abouit 6GB of imagery it began slowing down and is not very stable or responsive with 7.5GB. It is using as much as 3.7GB of RAM and 65% CPU when transferring files to the GPS and slows down my whole system.

Now that everything is safely loaded on the card and backed up to a folder on my computer, I will remove some of the images from BaseCamp to speed it up.



    Thanks for the info.