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oregon 400t

Started by michael88, April 10, 2010, 04:23:52 AM

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I just recently upgraged from the etrex summit to the oregon 400t. I went to download the arizona topo map that I use and I am not able to download. Mapsource says the transfer was successful, but it's not listed under the maps.

Has anyone else ran into this problem?


Have never seen this problem on my Oregon 400t. To be clear... did you download the file from here and install it in mapsource. Can you see the map on your computer? Did you then select the areas of the map that you want with the selection tool and send it to the GPS? If so, it should appear under Setup > Maps > Map Information.

My *guess* would be that you didn't actually select any map tiles when you made the transfer. On your computer with the GPS connected, do you see a file named gmapsupp.img in the Garmin folder? That is where it should be. What is the file size?


Thanks for the reply Boyd.

I did download the topo map from here. I have tried to upload using mapsource and basecamp, clicking on the sections I want to send to the unit. It will download birdseye satellite images to the unit, but not the maps. Another question is to how delete the birdseye image on the oregon once its on the memory. I am not using a memory card yet, just internal memory.



In mapsource when you click on the sections do they appear on the left in the maps tab?

Also, how long did it take to send the maps to the GPS?
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Hello Oz,

I finally got it working. I had to change the map set name for some reason. The new mapset then overrode the old set in the gps unit. Now I don't have any street names( I checked under set up to make sure street labels was enabled) so now I need to figure out what I did wrong in that part :-\.



You didn't do anything wrong. Unfortunately, the newest firmware for the Oregon makes all the street names disappear. In fact, on my 400t it make all text of any kind disappear - no street names, POI names, waterbody names, elevations... nothing is labeled.

So you have the choice of either living with this or rolling your firmware back to the previous version. And if you do that, you will not be able to use BirdsEye. This is been discussed on several of the forums. Garmin is aware of the problem and will hopefully issue a new update soon.

To roll back your firmware, follow the instructions here:


Well, how do I roll the darn thing back? I went to to download the earlier version and it's not there.

I am a prospector and LOVE the ariel photo overlays, but I really need the elevations, canyons, etc. more.

Anyone have a earlier version they can send me?

You guys are awesome!



Please just read my previous post and go to the link. Read down the page and you will find instructions for installing previous versions of the firmware.

QuoteEach Software Version below is linked to that version's gcd file. Normally I would recommend upgrading through Webupdater but if for some reason you can't (e.g. you are trying to downgrade) then you can update using the following procedure:

    * Use the links below under "Software Version" to download the gcd file for the version you want to use
    * Change the name of the file you just download to gupdate.gcd
    * Attach the Oregon to your computer and verify that it is in USB Mass storage mode
    * Copy gupdate.gcd to [OR drive]:\Garmin\gupdate.gcd
    * Restart the Oregon



I tried to go back to the 3.60 version on the link you have listed. The link just takes me to the support web page.

I tried punching in the 3.60 version as mentioned above using the web page address and that also didn't work.


Looks like a bad link to version 3.60 on that page and his description of how to form the URL doesn't seem to work either. You could always go back to 3.50 here:


Thanks Boyd. I am still having fun with the Birdseye. I love the satellite images on the unit. I will be using my Summit HC for elevation and land features and just keep the Oregon on standy mode while out prospecting. I just love having the images available.

Let's see now: 1 back pack with water and supplies; one detector with battery pack; one camera; two gps units; a pick; a sidearm.  I think I am now to my max while out prospecting.

Thank you Boyd,