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Combine Tracks into One?

Started by FLHiker, April 07, 2010, 10:22:25 AM

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Hey all,

Hopefully I'll be able to succinctly explain myself without confusing everyone.  ;D

I have a gpx file of many tracks that comprise the Florida Trail.  When loaded in my Oregon 450t, the Track Manager displays them as it should.  At issue, is the shear number of tracks that the attached file holds.  Is there a way that:

a) I can make it into one set of tracks and name it as one file?  "Join Tracks" in Base Camp made a mess out of that.


b) Save those tracks as a map that I can turn on or off at my leisure?

TIA for any help.



What you really need to do is convert your tracks into a map that is transparent so you can overlay on other maps in your GPSr. Follow instrutions on this site for making gamin topo maps. You will need some free software, GPSmapedit and cgpsmapper along with mapset toolkit. It is much lees work and steps that the tutorial outlines as the only data you are using is your GPX or data file. therefore after reading the tutorial (which is very good) you will see that it entails fewer steps.


Thank you for that, Jimbob.  I'm on a Mac, so I will start looking to see if there are any equivalents to the software that you have recommended.


Guess that I'm out of luck, for now.  I couldn't find anything.