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Update vs full installer

Started by jbensman, April 04, 2010, 09:34:25 AM

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Most of my mapsets (which I regularly update and expand)  are pretty small.  However, My Topos is now over 1 gig.  It takes forever to upload a new version of Mt Topos (particularly when I also upload a new MAC version).  It also takes lots of time and bandwith for people to download the new version.  I regularly update My Topos by expanding the area it covers and editing the hydrology of some of the maps (removing stuff no longer there and tracing stuff in GoogleEarth to add to the map).  Is there someway I could make an installer that would just add the new and changed maps and the new mapsettoolkit files?  Then people would only have to download the patch instead of the 1 gig file.