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Google Earth trails to garmin 60CSx

Started by easyreader, April 04, 2010, 07:06:14 PM

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I need some help if it is possible. I have drawn routes on Google Earth and now I want to load those routes to mapsource so I can load the maps to my 60CSx. Is it possible or am I barking up the wrong tree. I am somewhat of a newby with this so be kind in your responses. Thank you.


I don't know too much about using google earth, but I only know of taking a route from mapsource, and putting it into google earth. I would think mapsource or basecamp would be better anyways. There is a way to save your route in google earth - maybe you can convert the file you saved to open up in mapsource. It will probably need to be converted to a GPX or something.


Download and use GPSBabelGUI. It will change a XML file to a GPX file.

You will find it here:

But you will still have to trace a route over the GPX file to go from a track file to a route file.


OK i loaded the program but there is a large number of programs. Which one do I need to work with. I told you I am not very good on this.


Basically it takes a track file (saved on your computer) from many, many different sources, and translates it to a GPX file. Most of the functions are drop down choices. Pick a file to change, pick a place to save it to, and the file type you want to export.

Here is the home page:


What you want can be done-but what you want is not exactly clear.  Do you want to load what you trace in GE as a map, track, or a route on your GPS? 

One important thing to remember is many of the photos in GE are not aligned properly.  If you trace on photos that are not aligned properly, it will be wrong on your GPS.  So step one is to find an intersection close to the spot in mapsource.  Make a waypoint at the intersection.  Open the waypoint and copy and paste the cordinates into GE.  If it plots correctly in GE, the photos are aligned properly.  If the intersection does not line up properly, use the history function until you find photos that are correctly aligned. 

I trace stuff in GE all the time to add to my trail maps (My Trails) and my topo maps (My Topos).  After tracing what I want to add, I export it as a KML file (the default kmz does not work).  Then I have a batch file that uses GPS babel to convert the KML file to a mapsource file.  Then you can open the file in MapSource.  Then in MapSource you have what you traced.  If you are just wanting to send a track or route to the GPS, this should get you what you need.  To make it into a transparent map, you just open the file in GPSmapedit. 

Here is the batch file I use (note it is dependant on you always exporting to the same file name):
C:\programs\gpsbabel\gpsbabel.exe -p "" -w -t -i kml -f "C:\Users\Jim\Desktop\Temporary Places.kml" -o gdb -F "C:\Users\Jim\Desktop\Untitled1.gdb"


I found this site.  Click on draw free hand, A google satilite hybrid map comes up ( your still in GPS Visualizer ), Top right of that page gives you the display option of map, satilite, hybrid etc, zoom into where ever you want, from there you can add Waypoints & tracks, when your done hit the save GPX button, a small box pops up with a file name, click on it, save in the main Garmin folder !, rename file to what ever, click save type as and then highlight ALL FILES ( very imortant ), click save, close open file box, open the Mapsource program, click file open, click the file you just created, OK, then file, save and it will convert file to proper format, Attach USB coard to the PC/GPS, turn GPS on, click transfer to GPS from MapSource follow the istruction and boom there is the tracks/waypoints on your GPS !!!!

I have a Garmin GPSmap 60 CSX and I have verified this GPS Visualizer software is very accurate and

I hope this is what yor are looking for !
Have fun !!!!