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running GPS with laptop

Started by heyyou325, March 25, 2010, 06:57:09 PM

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     N route did work with OSM maps tho, If you were looking for street directions while traveling.  I've been looking into USGS maps, and I registered with TerraGo, and a couple other free sites (, national, USGS store, and others) are usable with an adobe plug in as explained earlier. But I haven't had time to do much this summer.  Kokanee are pretty much thru for the year as they have spawned so now you'd be catching next years fish so I may have time when I get caught up at home to play some more with the gps.  It worked good on the lakes, that's what I actually bought it for.  The  n route was a blessing on my trip.  The screen on my wife's laptop was big enough we only got lost once and quickly found the problem and corrected it after stopping in a parking lot.  Google Earth needs a hook up to internet to do anything with it, and we didn't find enough on the road to make it even slightly plausible. 
      My one little question, with a lot of help from the people here  seems to have drawn a lot of attention, and I hope helped a lot of people.  Thanks again to Boyd, Oz, maps4gps, seldom and all the others who helped me.


Good to hear it worked out OK and you had an enjoyable trip.


Quote from: heyyou325 on September 17, 2010, 01:27:10 PMI've been looking into USGS maps, and I registered with TerraGo, and a couple other free sites

If you want raster imagery (scanned USGS maps and aerial photos), then OziExplorer is really what you need:  There is also a mobile version that runs on Windows CE based GPS'es, such as Magellan, Navigon, Mio and others:

You will need to make your own maps in the ozfx3 format however. But it all works very well and you can use their mapmerge utility to create coverage of very large areas with multi-gigabyte files. This is what it looks like on my Magellan Roadmate 1700.

I also use the PC version on a Samsung netbook.