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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Started by reficuul, September 24, 2010, 06:44:29 AM

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I wasn't able to find anything very detailed in the Michigan sub category.. does anyone else know of any possible trail maps w/ campgrounds of Pictured Rocks?

I have the following downloaded already...

NE Topo USA 1/3  -- Pretty decent, has most of the campgrounds but not all of them..
Michigan Topo
Trails from 100k -- about 1/4 of the pictured rocks trails.
Trails from OSM -- had absolutely nothing in the northern part of the UP

Thanks for any advice!!


National Park Service map is here:

If you have an Oregon/Colorado/Dakota/62/78 series GPS, you can make your own custom map:


pretty cool, fooling around w/ it right now...

Do you know anything about the opaque setting???  If I set it to 50 will i see both the google maps image and the PIRO map?

thanks for the help man!!


I don't think that will have any effect on the map in your GPS, only in Google Earth. But not entirely sure, because I make my own custom maps using Globalmapper and not Google.