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Author Topic: gpsmapedit - Using custom type from start to finish--mini how to  (Read 6327 times)


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gpsmapedit - Using custom type from start to finish--mini how to
« on: February 26, 2010, 05:11:45 AM »
Since I could find very little information about loading custom types into gpsmapedit I thought I would make a mini How-to on loading the custom types and how to get the same result you see in mapedit onto your map.

Make custom type .txt file
1- Create your custom types-I used GenTyp
2- Find unused types such as 0x11, 0x12, 0x30 to set your custom types to
3- Save typ file as a .txt file (do not check compile)

Setup mapedit to display the custom types
4- In gpsmapedit open your map
5- Click view>manage map skins
6- Click add and choose the .txt file you just made. ( 2 files will load day/night)
7- Now you can create or modify type on your objects to the custom type like you would for any other type and gpsmapedit will display it

Compile custom types into finished map
8- After creating your .img file open Mapsettoolkit
9- Choose your .img file
10- In the type files box, browse to your custom type .txt file choose it and check the compile box
11- Click start and your custom types will be added to the .img file/installer

And thats it  ;D the maps I have done this way have loaded correctly into mapsource and into my GPS

Note---------- GPS units have limited and ??different?? color pallets so colors that display correctly in mapsource may change  when the map is loaded into the GPS. for example one purple color i used always shows up blue on my GPS.

Anyways I hope this helps save someone a little time and I will edit in the future if I can think of anything else to add



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Re: gpsmapedit - Using custom type from start to finish--mini how to
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2010, 05:34:31 AM »
That's pretty cool - I never even knew that GPSMapEdit could use custom types. Unfortunately it only seems to recognize the source .txt files and I have gone way beyond those in my recent work. I now use the typedecomp website for editing custom types: http://ati.land.cz/gps/typdecomp

That is sort of a one-way street once you feed it a .txt file for a custom type. It converts it to the native, compliled format and you make your changes to that file. It has the option to decompile it into a text file again, but the author warns that it probably won't work right. I did with GPSMapEdit, and it pretty much mangled the map. Some types looked right, others were a mess.

But that website is really fantastic for creating complex types. Aside from the ease of use, it can do tricks which you just can't do with the classic text file approach using cgpsmapper. For example, you can control text size and color.

I have the shareware version of GPSMapEdit, but I don't use it for much. All the heavy lifting is done with globalmapper, and I open the MP files in GPSMapEdit just to check them, then send them off to be compliled.