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Changing maps on 60CSx

Started by astainback, February 23, 2010, 03:29:32 PM

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I was reading this...

and wondering what the use for it is.

If I load the whole state of NC, I could cut off tiles??  Or the whole map?
What is the use?  I mean, i get hiding them I guess, but does this mean I can load multiple maps?
Or maps on top of others and close parts to see what is below?
I am confused.  I assumed that you can only have on map file at a time and that was it.  I get mixing maps (tiles) like the NC topo map, and the WV topo map from the east coast file.  I know how to do that.

Garmin Montana 610
Garmin VivoActive HR


One might have parts of Garmin's City Navigator, Topo 100k, and parts of one or more of the free mapsets combined in one gmapsupp.img file.  Mapsets have a view priority - by default Garmin mapsets have priority.  They also use the same feature codes so there can be conflicts.  If you wanted to display the info on the NC or WV topo, you would have to 'hide' or 'disable' the CN & Topo100 mapsets. 


You can mix different maps without trouble. But your unit can only handle a total of 2025 map segments (tiles). This number is a composite of all the different maps you have loaded. A map file can only be 4GB max also.

It's less likely that the 4GB limit will be a problem than the 2025 tile limit. For example, Garmin's Topo US 100k map has 6,600 segments so you could only load about 1/3 of the US at a time. The full US map is about 3GB, so in this case you would reach the segment limit with a file that is only 1GB.

There is no standard size for map segments, it's up to the mapmaker. For example, Garmin has created a version of US Topo to pre-load on the Oregon GPS. The map itself is identical to the 6,600 segment DVD version, but this version only has about 430 segments.


So if I have NC and WV loaded from different mapsets, they do not overlap or anything.
That is easy.
But if I have NC topo, NC City both loaded.. I will only see one.  The higher priority?

So if I use city NAV to drive somewhere, I can cut it off and use the topo when I get there and hike trails?

Can you cut them back on??  To me that sounds pretty good.
I found a trail map for place in TN that I am going to next week.
It is not transparent, so I can't lay it over the TN topo map.
Does that mean I can load them together, and if needed, I can cut off the topo to view the trail map.. or vice/versa?
Garmin Montana 610
Garmin VivoActive HR


Yes, just go to the map setup screen and enable the mapset you want to use. You would then disable all the other maps.