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Map won't load.

Started by gdane, February 17, 2010, 07:09:57 AM

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I loaded the Florida topo in my Garmin nuvi 205W but it will not display, only the US map that is pre-loaded will display. The Florida topo is listed in "Map Info" with a check in the box beside it, no check in the US map box. Any help will be appreciated I'm out of things to try !!


Did you load the entire state of just one litle image?

seems like a silly question but are you looking at florida.

And make sure you zoomed in enough to see the contours.
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I loaded the whole state and a separate download of the Southern part wanting to get as much detail of Everglades National Park as possible. When it wouldn't display I deleted it all and started over just loading the southern part but that didn't help.

What I'm looking at is the US map which is all that displays. I've enlarged it all the way and minimized it all the way but still it's just the US map.


Makes no difference if you 'load' the entire state or just some quads, the detail will be the same.

Even with a 5 ft contour interval, the Everglades are so flat there may be many tens of miles between a contour line.

Do you see any of the mapset in MapSource or the MAC equivalent?


It was all in MapSource just as it should be. It finished and said the transfer was complete.