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It would help if you were more specific about the map. Is this it?


That map is hosted on another site here:


You will find installation instructions on that page. You should not be messing with .img files directly, that map has an installer to handle everything for you. It's not as simple as just copying the file with this type of map. Putting an .img file in the Garmin folder on your PC won't work.

This map is more than 10 years old and uses Garmin's old "registry format", like many of the maps at GPSFileDepot. A year ago, Garmin stopped supporting this type of map in Basecamp (athough they never explained this change). The result is that you can view the map in Basecamp, but it will not install properly on a GPS. Garmin has now discontinued Basecamp, so "it is what it is".

With an old map like this, use Garmin's old Mapsource software. That's what this map was intended for. Run the installer and the map should appear in the maps menu in Mapsource. You can then send it to your GPS. For help with Mapsource, see these tutorials:

I downloaded the new Montana Topo .img file to my PC.  I connected my Montana 650t to PC and copied the .img file to the Garmin Folder.  It does not show when I click on the MAP icon.  Also, can an img. file be loaded into Basecamp?  I tried GMap tool but too technie for me.
As you have noticed, Mapsource works correctly but Basecamp is broken. And Garmin has discontinued Basecamp, so it will never be fixed. But there's a pretty easy solution that doesn't involve installing anything.

Mapsource always names the map gmapsupp.img, because that's the only filename that very old GPS unit recognize. Your etrex will recognize any file with an .img extension however. So, choose one map and send it to the GPS with Mapsource. Now manually change the map file name from gmapsupp.img to map1.img (or anything else you like).

Then send the second map and change the name to map2.img. Repeat this for every map and you will be all set.
If you are using the current Basecamp it is broken and the map are not installed properly. You can read many threads on here about it.

You need to uninstall it and install an older version. 
Site Support / Montana Topo + National Forests 2019 Map
« Last post by pho-ban on July 28, 2019, 12:25:56 PM »
I keep getting an error when unzipping the Montana Topo + National Forests 2019 Map for PC .  I have use the built-in Windows 10 app as well as the recommended 7-Zip program.  Both result in a corrupted file message.
Anybody else having this problem?
Sorry, kinda new to this.  I have Garmin Mapsource, Base Camp, an etrex20 and a few states of downloaded topo's.  I can see all the topo detail in both old Mapsource and Base Camp.  When I install the maps from BaseCamp to the GPS I get very little detail on the unit.  If I install from Mapsource I get all of the detail but I have to create 1 map with the states I want but it maxes at 4gig and I get 1 map (if I reduce the number of States to get below 4gig). You can't load multiple individual maps from Mapsource.  So what am I missing to get all of the detail from BaseCamp?
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Download problems at boydsmaps.com
« Last post by Boyd on July 25, 2019, 03:00:27 AM »
Last weekend a user informed me of problems downloading one of my maps. To make a long story short... I finally traced the issue to a plug-in that wasn't compatible with the new Wordpress software on my website. To make things worse, when I attempted to update the plug-in, the process failed, corrupting all my download pages and making them blank!  >:(

Sorry if you've been unable to download any of my maps, not exactly sure when this problem started but I suspect it's pretty recent. Am going through my whole site now and fixing the problems, but it may take another day or so to complete. See this support thread for more detailed information:

You just drag and drop to list onto the Nuvi in Basecamp.
General Discussion / Re: Any downside to loading a single IMG for a region vs. many?
« Last post by Boyd on July 21, 2019, 03:08:47 AM »
It depends on the exact regions you are loading. But your GPS has a limit to the total number of map tiles (aka "segments") that can be accessed. This limit has nothing to do with the size of the files, it is related to the number of little tiles that are inside them. There are no standards for the size of a map tile, it's up to the mapmaker - a tile could cover a whole county or only a few city blocks.

In practical use, most Garmin devices will exceed the tile limit with only about 4gb of map files. You can use Javawa device manager to see how many tiles are in the maps you have loaded. The limit applies to all tiles on your device - it's the total of what is stored in internal memory plus the SD card. Doesn't matter whether the maps are enabled or not.


Your eTrex has a maxium of 4,000 tiles


So you may find that one big file has too many tiles to work properly, and using smaller map files will give you more control over this. If you have too many tiles on your GPS, some of the maps will not work properly. THere's no way to predict what will happen, it depends of the specific maps you're using.
Some sites like OSM let you either download a single .img file for a region (state, province, etc.) or to get the same region as many small files. I don't have a shortage of memory, and many small files seem much harder to manage, especially if I get more than a couple regions that way. I tried subfolders in the Garmin folder (using an eTrex Touch 35) to organize these regions on my MicroSD, but it doesn't seem to see a file unless it's right in the Garmin folder.

So is there any real downside for performance or anything else with using the large files instead? Or a way to better manage the smaller files so I don't end up with a thousand in the Garmin folder?

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