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Today I have received nuvi 765W from one friend to add POI.
The nuvi has preload map of CN Europe in the internal memory H:\Garmin including :
(remaining space on the internal memory is 5.9 MB only).

And additional map of CN Middle East on SD card I:\Garmin including:

I want to switch maps between the internal memory and SD card; means I want to move the CN Europe from internal memory (in H:\Garmin) to SD card (in I:\Garmin), and CN Middle east From SD card to internal memory.

Please advice the right way of doing it? While moving the gmapsupp.img of CN Middle east from SD card to internal memory do I need to move gmapsupp.gma&uni too?

Your advice and help is higly appricated.   :)
In fact I have done this test just to make sure that the preload map which has been moved from garmin mass storage to SD card is going to work properly when I go London next summer. I agree alpine A route of 900 miles is not reasonable for a vehicle & driver.

I'm happy to know that the message I have received it's because of garmin 250W specification, and not because of my preload map movement.

Thank you for your time and very nice explanation. 
:) :)
I have contact and asked them about speedcam for Middle East, the answer was:
I only track the US and Canada.

However, If someone has speedcam location for Middle East area please advice.  :)
I have used the GPS simulator. I dragged the map to Europe, select one location and pressed the "Set Lo" then I moved the crosser to another location (nearby) and pressed "Go!". The simulator worked properly and everything seems to be fine.

After that I have put my car back in UAE – Abu Dhabi (within City Navigator Middle East NT 2011 coverage map) and pressed the "Set Lo" then I have dragged the map to Europe, select one location in London and pressed "Go!"
I have received the following message:
Unable to Calculate route:
Not enough memory available

Then I re-select another location in Europe – Germany and simulator start working.

I found that when the distance between two points is more that 1500 KM the above message will come. In the first case the distance between Abu Dhabi and London around 5000 KM, but in the second case the distance (Abu Dhabi – Germany) was 1500 KM.
Note: I have in my garmin main memory 1.24 GB free space.
Thank you guys for your quick replys. :)
Sorry did not mention my GPS, it is Garmin 250W.

I have changed the name of the preload map (Navigator Europe NT v9 Limited- Deluxe) gmapprom.img (1.35GB) to gmapsupp.img and then move it from main memory to SD card of my garmin. The gmapprom.sum (1 KB) in main memory (H:\Garmin) was left as it is.

Then I have changed the name of the existing gmapsupp.img for the map City Navigator Middle East NT 2011 in the main memory to gmapprom.img as to your advice.

So far everything is working perfect with City Navigator Middle East NT 2011 which is in the main memory and its name changed to gmapprom.img now, It is for the area where I leave now.
For the  preload map of Navigator Europe NT v9 Limited- Deluxe which is in the SD card now with gmapsupp.img name, I went though it from the device menu itself and found it available, I cant make sure it is working perfectly as I'm not in the Europe now.
Thank you alpine,
I went through, but I could not find the speedcam POI file related to Middle East. I don't if it not available or I did not know how to find it. Please help.
In the link below you will find GPS databases for speedcam, & speed limitation selected by countries and categories in .csv & .gps format for Garmin.

Anybody has similar or better than this web site, please advice.  :)
I have my garmin main memory become almost full. I plan to change the name of the preload map (Navigator Europe NT v9 Limited- Deluxe) gmapprom.img (1.35GB) and gmapprom.sum (1 KB) in H:\Garmin\ to gmapsupp.img & gmapsupp.sum. Then after that I will move both files to SD card (I:\Garmin\).

The Idea is that to make extra space in the main memory for the new update for my essential map City Navigator Middle East NT 2011 in H:\Garmin.

1st question do you think it will work out.

2nd After this operation I will have in my SD card I:\Garmin\ gmapsupp.img only (which was originally gmapprom.img in main memory), and gmapprom.sum left in main memory H:\Garmin\.

1. Shall I leave the gmapprom.sum in the main memory without any change.
2. Shall I change the name of gmapprom.sum in the main memory to gmapsupp.sum and then move it to SD card to make sure that the moved gmapsupp.img (originally gmapprom.img).  :)