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GPSr Units / Re: Nuvi 5000 startup question
February 21, 2009, 01:45:18 PM
I actually used the unit today for a short trip and must say I was happy with it.  I especially like the FM transmitter to play MP3 from it to my car stereo and for the navigation voice.

I got the 2 GB card so I can hold ~ 40 hours of music.

Is there any way to load a DVD or mpg on the card and play it?

I am using the map that came with the unit 2009.1
GPSr Units / Re: Nuvi 5000 startup question
February 21, 2009, 05:04:46 AM
I updated the firmware and it does the same thing.  When it starts I have to do the language, USA, time zone, etc. every time.  Everything else seems to work.  I also get the register screen but I have registered it already????
GPSr Units / Nuvi 5000 startup question
February 20, 2009, 01:10:31 PM
Every time I start this thing I have to go through 5 screens ... is this normal?

I have to set the language, time zone, map, etc.  Can this be saved someplace?
I had to call Garmin to get the map update for 2009.1.  When I downloaded it to the computer it installed the new map into the Nuvi 5000 AND into MapSource!

Garmin had finally agreed to sell me the disk for $15 but I don't need it now since this solved my issues.  Thanks for the tips.
It should be here tomorrow and I will try that for sure ... it already has the 2009 map so they said I could not get an update???

Any way to find that download link or is it by serial number or something?
THANKS all ... this is very helpful.

I was afraid I would have to buy the DVD.  I don't think I can get an update because the unit is new.  Is there a way to gain access to the update anyway?  Buying the DVD seems a little unfair.

Thanks again,

Hi All ... I am new and don't know much!

I just got a Nuvi 5000 and I have MapSource.  I want to be able to plan a trip from home to Florida and use the Nuvi in the car. 

The unit does not have a battery so I want to plan the trip on my computer and then send the tip to the Nuvi 5000.

How can I get the city map out of the Nuvi 5000 and into my computer for MapSource. 

Thanks for a step by step lesson for dummies