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General Discussion / turn by turn plus
July 02, 2012, 07:52:57 AM
 Is there a way to get turn by turn directions to a cache. My garmin 62s points a direct line to a cache site but I would like driving directions up to a trailhead or other area near the site.  I currently use the Garmin Nuvi to navigate streets close to the site.
Is there some way to have tha Alpine overlay map show up on the computer so I can establish routes?  Perhaps on the Colorado topo?  Should I be using sa program other than Basecamp?
Wow! Thanks a lot.  I see a lot of great info there and it will be great.  Again, Thanks,
I downloaded the Alpine Loop Trails, CO Map.  When I open this map in Basecamp all I get is acreen with what appears to be tracks and waypoints.  There is no reference to anything.  I an assuming it is a transparent map that overlays some other map.  Am I right?  If so how do I get it to overlay in Basecamp?  I'm way out of my league here.
Wow!  Thats a lot of good info.  I am printing it out and will be digging deeper.  Thank you so much for your time in such a concise answer.
Sorry for the confusion.  I loaded Colorado contours40/20ft overlay Map into Mapsource.  I then selected the area (quadrants?) of SW Colorado I had an interest in.  I loaded this into my gps under the name SW Colorado.  Now, in the maps setup page I have this SW Colorado map (file?) along with one called Worldwide DEM.  I can choose to enable or disable one or both.  I expected the contours on the SW Colorado would show up on the gps (62s).  This is not happening.  Whether I have one or both of these disabled the current track shows.  With both disabled the screen is blank save for the current track. No roads, contour lines or anything. Blank
Perhaps I need to start over loading maps.  I thought I had followed the tutorial closlel but is seems I have not.
In the setup page I do not see a "Garmin Basemap."
My goal was to have a map that shows roads, trails and maybe even contour lines.  Am I wrong in believing an overlay or transparent map would do just that - overlay an existing map with additional information?
I loaded Colorado the gridline map on my 62s.  The grids are not showing.  I have a map called "Worldwide DEM" and the "SW Colorado" maps on my 62s.  If I disable Worldwide Dem all I see is my tracks.  No roads etc.  If I turn off SW Colorado- same thing.  Can someone figure out what I've screwed up?  By  the way the Colorado grid map looks fine in MapSource.