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I have a problem with the new US-WestTopo map installation. I am running Windows 10. I used MapsetToolkit to install the map on my computer, following the instructions in the gpsfiledepot tutorial. The installation seems to be successful, MapsetToolkit finishes its work with "Convert completed" message, and I can see the map files in the folder I chose for the installation. The folder is Desktop/gpsmaps. MapsetToolkit shows the map installed, shows the registry entry, and JaVaWa GMTK does not find a problem with this map. However, when I try to start BaseCamp or MapSource, the following error message appears: "There is a problem with the USWestTopo installation. Please reinstall USWestTopo and start BaseCamp again", and the same message in MapSource, too. I have to uninstall the map to just start BaseCamp. I wonder if anyone knows what the problem is.