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OK.  Thanks.   

I did as you suggested.  I went to Phoenix and enlarged an area near there.  I got no topo details where I know there is significant terrain.
I have, I think, successfully downloaded and installed some Arizona topos.  When I turn on my
Garmin Drive Smart 61, I select Settings>Map&Vehicle>My Maps. I see listed Arizona Topo 1, Arizona Topo 2, Etc.   But I don't know how to display the topos to plan a trip.

Never mind.  I figured it out.
I opened Basecamp.  I plugged in an SD card as the target,  I opened MapInstall.  It sees the SD card.  In the box at the bottom of the screen I see "No unlocked maps were found for this device."
Where do I go from there?  I want to download Arizona topo.  I have selected the topo on this website.

General Discussion / Re: Any recommendations?
March 03, 2019, 10:00:16 AM

I do not have a smart phone.  Never wanted one.  I just carry an old-style flip phone when I travel to call for help. My only use for the traffic info would when I am home in Houston which has a LOT of traffic.

Thanks for the advice.

General Discussion / Re: Any recommendations?
March 02, 2019, 10:22:54 AM
I posted the wrong model GPS.  I plan to get the Garmin DriveSmart 65 & Traffic which will solve the traffic info problem.  I see I can get one with a camera but I don't see the value in that.  If I record my back road adventures the image will likely be very shaky on rough roads, unless the camera is stabilized, which seems unlikely.  I also bet that lots of video uses of lots of memory.

General Discussion / Re: Any recommendations?
March 02, 2019, 09:58:31 AM
General Discussion / Any recommendations?
March 02, 2019, 07:17:08 AM
I am new to GPS.  I plan a trip to AZ in May to photograph ghost town and old mines.  I am considering a Garmin DriveSmartâ„¢ 61 LMT-S for the trip ( and others to follow).  Is this a suitable unit?  Do I need to add extra memory if I add your AZ and NM topo maps or is the factory installed memory adequate?