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GPSr Units / Garmin Rino 530 topo maps that work
« on: June 14, 2018, 09:30:44 AM »
Hi everyone,

  I am hoping someone might be able to help guide me in getting a topo map to work on a Garmin Rino 530.  Yes I know this is a older unit, however I feel its a wonderful device that still has practical use today.  I basically need topo maps on it for PA and or OH.  I tried a couple vs. last night and nothings working.  All I get are roads with no detail.  Note, I really do not even need roads.  Im using this for scouting deer in the hills of PA and OH.  Hiking trails and TOPO would be perfect. 

  NOTE.  I have both Basecamp and mapsorce.  Both work fine, communicate, up load and down load to and from the device.  I am good with the process, its the map that I need help with. 

  Thank you anyone who can help.  I really appreciate it.

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